Wildcard SSL Certificate

1 YR $65.00

2 YRS $110.00


All Specification

  • 15-days Moneyback Guarantee.
  • Warranty $10,000.
  • Browser support 99.9%.
  • Reissues Free, unlimited.
  • Key length 2048 - 4096-bit
  • Encryption up to 256-bit.

SSL Certificate description

Wildcard SSL certificate is the cheapest product with the unlimited sub-domain support we sell. It has support for a base domain and all its next-level sub-domains. It is possible to install SSL to as many servers and devices as you want for free. We allow unlimited free Reissues during SSL validity period.

It is a smart solution to save money securing multiple subdomains. Please note it is possible to secure *.domain.com or *.any.domain.com, but not *.*.domain.com (double wildcards).

  • Unlimited sub-domains

    Use GGSSL Wildcard SSL certificate to protect sub-domains like email.domain.com, webmail.domain.com, order.domain.com, my.domain.com or any other variations of your common name. You can install different sub-domains on various servers.

  • Site Seal logo

    Our Domain validation SSL certificates come with Site Seal logos with dark and light design options. Seals available in Transparent PNG format with minimized size. Such logos boost trust and make a positive overview of your site and products. Try our seal Seal Logo here.

  • No Organization validation

    Wildcard SSL with Domain validation process allows passing the validation quickly and without any problems. No organization or documents require. You will need to confirm ownership of a domain name via one of the available methods like E-mail, Hash file and DNS CNAME.

  • Mobile compatibility

    Browser compatibility is the one of the most important things for any SSL certificate as if SSL not supported by the device there will be no encryption of sensitive information transferred via site or resource. GGSSL Wildcard SSL has 99.9%+ desktop and mobile device compatibility.

  • Google Booster

    Web sites with active and correctly installed SSL certificates get more top positions on search engines thanks to new Google updates to its rankings algorithms. Make sure to install SSL to all your sites and relevant commerce projects.