One year SSL from 19th August

Starting at 19th August Sectigo CA will issue SSL certificates for 1-year only, and starting at 1st September all other CA's. That means any SSL certificate will be valid for 13-months MAX (1-year + 30days). Those who use Subscription SSL services will have to replace SSL each 13-months. Website owners that currently use two-year website ... Leia mais... »

27th Jul 2020
Sectigo AddTrust External CA Root Expired May 30, 2020

On 30th May 2020 the Sectigo AddTrust External CA Root certificate expired. Previously they assured everyone that no issues will be. However, the reality is that some legacy servers/devices are affected. That is a ridiculous situation. We pointed their attention to the expiring AddTrust RSA/ECC multiple times within a year and each time Sectigo ... Leia mais... »

1st Jun 2020
Comodo CA Is Now Sectigo!

On 1st November 2018, Comodo CA announced the rebranding to Sectigo. The current changes affecting only naming and no changes to products or prices. However, there is one positive change, Sectigo decided to allow Yellow Pages resources for phone verification, that is a good move to help people around the world to get OV/EV certificates ... Leia mais... »

4th Nov 2018
No more 3-year SSL certificates from 1st March 2018

No more 3 year licensing. The SSL industry is further shoring up their defenses, and doing away with 3 year certificate licesning terms on all SSL! Effective the 1 st March 2018, the new maximum permissible term on any and all certificates will be 2 years, well actually, to be specific 27 months. The 27 months comprises the initial 24 months ... Leia mais... »

20th Feb 2018
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